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NanoPAT measurement Campaign at Covestro, NL

As part of the NanoPAT project, innoFSPEC, PDW Analytics GmbH (Potsdam) and POLYMAT (Donostía, Spain) performed a PDW measurement campaign at the laboratories of their industrial partner Covestro in The Netherlands.

The primary objective of the visit was to test PDW spectroscopy at Covestro’s R&D Lab for various syntheses that are significant to Covestro’s production portfolio. It marks the first instance where Covestro can monitor their synthesis processes inline, and the initial results look promising! The visit was conducted within the context of Case Study 1 “Polymers”.

20230310 100534

 Group picture of the participating NanoPAT partners after the discussion of the preliminary measurement results.



NIA Webinar

As part of the NanoPAT project, innoFSPEC member Dr. Anika Krause participated in a webinar of the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA), presenting Photon Density Wave Spectroscopy in the session "Overview of the newest Characterisation Techniques available nowadays". Find more information about the webinar on the NanoPAT website and recording of the webinar here.

NI webinar part1


NanoPAT networking - welcome Manuel!

We are happy to welcome Manuel Nigg from Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) who is visiting innoFSPEC this week for knowledge exchange and networking purposes within the European NanoPAT project. He is monitoring zeolite synthesis processes with PDW spectroscopy. Currently he is working on the modification of the probe fibres to make them more resistant to the harsh reaction conditions during the zeolite synthesis.

ManuelBesuch min

Marvin Münzberg (UP), Justin Koenig (UP), Manuel Nigg (ZHAW), Sebastian Zimmermann (UP), Anika Krause (UP).


Celebratory opening reception of the innoFSPEC-Transferlab

The opening reception of the innoFSPEC-Transferlab was a great success! Together with members of the federal and state ministries for research and education, the heads of the UP and AIP, the innoFSPEC scientific advisory board and many more partners from academia and industry, we celebrated 14 years of excellent research at innoFSPEC, looked back at some of our most successful innovations and ahead towards an exciting future as the new innoFSPEC-Transferlab, actively supporting the knowledge and technology transfer from the university into society.

2022.10 EröffnungTransferlabor TobiasHopfgarten DSC0391 min

Speakers at the opening reception (left to right): Prof. Dr. Ralph Gräf (UP), Prof. Dr. Martin Roth (AIP), Prof. Dr. Ilko Bald (UP), Dr. Gisela Philipsenburg (BMBF), Prof. Oliver Günther Ph.D. (UP),  Prof. Dr. Matthias Steinmetz (AIP), Prof. Dr. Hans-Hennig von Grünberg (UP), Dr. Anika Krause (UP)

Listen.UP podcast: Stephanie Schlappa

In the latest episode of the Listen.UP podcast, innoFSPEC member Stephanie Schlappa talks about photon density wave spectroscopy, process analytical technologies, the transfer of scientific developments and her personal journey to the University of Potsdam. Have a listen here: UP website (German; also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast,  Deezer, and Amazon Music).

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