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Interdisciplinary Projects: OptiZeD

The OptiZED project is developing specialised optical sensing devices for the minimal invasive diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. The project aims to create a miniaturised multiparameter biosensor system for the in-vitro assessment of multiple extracellular biological parameters such as inflammatory or cancer biomarkers. Optical fibres coated with specific nanostructures may not only identify such medical indicators but also directly treat the condition by releasing pharmaceutical agents exactly at the required location. The competencies of the OptiZeD partners match perfectly to work towards this aim: innoFSPEC has extensive experience in the development of new fibre-optical analysis methods and B CUBE ( provides an in-depth expertise on fluorescence technologies and biomaterials.
OptiZeD is aiming to establish novel fibre-optical technologies that pave the way to the in-vivo detection of biologically relevant parameters as well as to the stimulation and treatment of individual cells with pharmacological substances. Our vision is to be able to monitor responses of individual living cells of the human body in real-time.


Prof. Dr. Ilko Bald

Research group leader

Phone: +49 331 / 977-5238