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Successful 5th team workshop

On May 8 and May 9, 2019, the entire innoFSPEC team came together for our fifth team workshop - this time dedicated to the topics EU proposal writing, joint projects and science communication. The first day started with a key note talk on "Simulation of Sunscreen Performance" held by Prof. Dr. Bernd Herzog, University of Basel and Head of Global Development UV Protection and Scientific Liaisons at BASF. This talk was followed by an in-depth and informative session with Dr. Babette Regierer, SB Science Management, Berlin. The focus of the second day was an inspiring pitch training for scientists given by Nadine Lux and Dr. Gabriele Schönherr, both from science³, Berlin. At the same time the innoFSPEC team worked on six research topics in order to foster joint projects between the groups. We are looking forward to the next workshop in order to push this further!

innoFSPEC team workshop

photo: Nabarun Polley

innoFSPEC goes East @OPIE '19 in Japan

We look back to the successful Optics & Photonics International Exhibition (OPIE) 2019 held in Yokohama (Japan) where innoFSPEC and our start-up PDW Analytics GmbH were present together with the Economic Development Agency Brandenburg. Furthermore, innoFSPEC research group leader Dr. Roland Hass gave a talk on „Photon Density Waves and Solid-State Phantoms as optical reference for fruit produce characterization”.

OPIE is one of the largest exhibitions in Japan specialized for the photonics industrial sector. It takes place annually at the end of April and it has been regarded as the best opportunity for visitors to be here looking for trend of technologies related with their research, development and design activity.

Further info can be found here:

IMG 0272

photo rights: Berlin Partner

Poster prize for Nabarun Polley at APACT 19 conference

"A plasmonic fiber optic sensor for label-free and real time biosensing" - This was the title of the poster of innoFSPEC fellow Dr. Nabarun Polley at the recent APACT 19 conference in Chester/UK. With his poster in the context of this conference on "Advances in Process Analytics and Control Technology 2019" Nabarun has won the best poster award. Congratulations, Nabarun!

The APACT conference is an annual open forum for the presentation and discussion of recent scientific and engineering advances relevant to process analytics and control technologies.



photo: Natalie Kerr, CPACT
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Multichannel Spectroscopy finds remnant of a Nova explosion observed by Chinese Astronomers in 48 BC

Modern astronomical observations now discovered the remnant of a nova explosion whose position corresponds to a celestial phenomenon described in ancient Chinese records. The discovery thus confirms one of the oldest astronomical observations outside the solar system. The innoFSPEC research group "Multichannel Spectroscopy" has played a significant role in this discovery.

The full English press release can be accessed here. For German news on this discovery, please have a look at the BMBF-Unternehmen-Region website.

Nova image mini

Illustration of the Nova’s position in the globular cluster M22.
Credit: ESA/Hubble and NASA; Montage: F. Göttgens.

New EU transfer project on the way

From galaxy research to the fight against cancer - innoFSPEC has recently acquired funding by the European Commission for the development of pioneering technology for economy and society. The rewarded idea is based on accomplishments in the transfer of high-technology from astronomy research to cancer diagnostics. The aim is an optical design study for the development of a prototype suitable for clinical studies. The innoFSPEC team under leadership of Prof. Dr. Martin Roth and a French industry partner, Winlight Systems, jointly and successfully entered the EU Attract contest. As part of the transfer idea “3D-CANCER-SPEC”, they will now develop a compact screening device, based on an original MUSE spectrograph, in a one-year funding phase. The concept will be publicized in a science journal and a presentation at the final Attract conference in September 2020 in Brussels. This support is expected to encourage funding of a medical device by funding bodies or industrial companies.

For more information please follow this link.