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Visit to B-Cube Dresden

innoFSPEC members Dr. Nabarun Polley and Dr. Peter Werner have recently visited their collaborator Dr. Yong Xu in Dresden to perform and discuss joint experiments for the OptiZeD project. This project is a collaboration between the two Centres for Innovation Competence innoFSPEC Potsdam (PIs: Dr. Claudia Pacholski & Prof. Dr. Ilko Bald) and B-Cube Dresden (PIs: Prof. Dr. Yixin Zhang, Prof. Dr. Michael Schlierf, Prof. Dr. Stefan Diez). It aims to develop minimal invasive fibre sensors for the in-vivo diagnosis and treatment of cancer tissue. The first visit to Dresden yielded promising results. More exchanges are planned soon!

B Cube Dresden small

From left to right: Yixin Zhang, Yong Xu, Nabarun Polley, Peter Werner