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Industrial applications of photon density wave spe
Industrial applications of photon density wave spectroscopy for in-line particle sizing
Roland Hass;Marvin Munzberg;Lena Bressel;Oliver Reich
Optical spectroscopy in highly turbid liquid material is often restricted by simultaneous occurrence of absorption and scattering of light. Photon Density Wave (PDW) spectroscopy is one of the very few, yet widely unknown, technologies for the independent quantification of these two optical processes. Here, a concise overview about modern PDW spectroscopy is given, including all necessary equations concerning the optical description of the investigated material, dependent light scattering, particle sizing, and PDW spectroscopy itself. Additionally, it is shown how the ambiguity in particle sizing, arising from Mie theory, can be correctly solved. Due to its high temporal resolution, its applicability to highest particle concentrations, and its purely fiber-optical probe, PDW spectroscopy possesses all fundamental characteristics for optical in-line process analysis. Several application examples from the chemical industry are presented.
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