Multi-Channel Spectroscopy (VKS)
Nonscanning large-area Raman imaging for ex
Nonscanning large-area Raman imaging for ex vivo/in vivo skin cancer discrimination
E. Schmälzlin, B. Moralejo, I. Gersonde, J. Schleusener, M. E. Darvin, G. Thiede, M. M. Roth
Imaging Raman spectroscopy can be used to identify cancerous tissue. Traditionally, a step-by-step scanning of the sample is applied to generate a Raman image, which, however, is too slow for routine examination of patients. By transferring the technique of integral field spectroscopy (IFS) from astronomy to Raman imaging, it becomes possible to record entire Raman images quickly within a single exposure, without the need for a tedious scanning procedure. An IFS-based Raman imaging setup is presented, which is capable of measuring skin ex vivo or in vivo. It is demonstrated how Raman images of healthy and cancerous skin biopsies were recorded and analyzed.
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