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Multi-Channel Spectroscopy (VKS)

The Multi-Channel Spectroscopy group is specialised in optical fibres and integrated optic waveguide devices. The group primarily targets applications on spectroscopy for astronomy to further expand the capabilities of multiplexed fiber-based spectroscopy in astronomy, as well as for interdisciplinary approaches and technology transfer.

The current portfolio of projects includes ELT-MOS/MOSAIC, Multiplex Raman Spectroscopy from Astrophysics to Medicine (MRS), Uro-MDD, HYPERAM, 4D-HTS, and support of the HETDEX project. MOSAIC is a multi-object spectrograph for the European Extremely Large Telescope, the flagship telescope project of European Astronomy for the next decades. The Multi-Channel Spectroscopy group is contributing a numerical simulation and experimental study of optical fibre properties, in particular concerning their stability, for use in the optical up to the H-band in the NIR. This work is part of a Phase-A study, awarded by ESO to the international MOSAIC consortium, led by GEPI Paris. The mid-term goal is submission of the Phase-A report to ESO by the end of 2017 and transition to Phase-B. VKS has previously also supported studies for VIRUS and 4MOST instruments.

Fig.: Excitation and propagation of modes, simulated in a multimode fibre used for astronomy.

Group members


Prof. Dr. Martin M. Roth

Research group leader

Phone: +49 331 / 7499-313

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