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Our transfer activities

Research in fibre-based spectroscopy and sensing yields big, currently widely untapped innovation potential. With its excellent infrastructure and human resources innoFSPEC aims at translating and exploiting its research results towards innovation development.

Together with regional, national and international partners from science and industry we do joint projects spanning the whole range of fundamental to applied research. In particular, our application labs offer excellent conditions for a close and fruitful collaboration between academia and high tech industry. Aside from specific scientific and industrial communities, transfer activities of innoFSPEC reach out to politics and the general public.

'Innovative Hochschule Potsdam' - innoFSPEC as key partner

innoFSPEC is responsible for one of the three key innovation initiatives - called 'Technology Campus Golm' - as part of the 5year project 'Golm: Universität Potsdam – GO:UP'. The project in the funding scheme 'Innovative Hochschule' (BMBF) aims at fostering innovation collaborations and entrepreneurship. In this context, it is planned to establish several joint labs together with other regional industry and science partners, such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP), Potsdam.

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Overview application labs

With the Leibniz application lab for optical fibre spectroscopy and sensing, innoFSPEC has one of the first application labs that the Leibniz community has established under this brand name. Such Leibniz application labs aim at the rapid transfer of new research findings into applications and marketable products and processes.

The innoFSPEC application lab builds a vital link between science and industry. Services and offers for partners from academia and industry, for example:

  • joint research projects
  • lab demonstrators for different spectroscopic applications and techniques
  • seminars and trainings
  • consulting activities
  • contract research

Group members


Dr. Marvin Münzberg

Research group leader AAP

Phone: +49 331 / 977-6227