Innovative Fiber-optical Sensing (InFaSe)
Radiative transfer lattice Boltzmann methods
Radiative transfer lattice Boltzmann methods: 3D models and their performance in different regimes of radiative transfer
A. Mink, C. McHardy, L. Bressel, C. Rauh, M. J. Krause
The numerical prediction of radiative transport is a challenging task due to the complexity of the radiative transport equation. We apply the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM), originally developed for fluid flow problems, to solve the radiative transport in volume. One model (meso RTLBM) is derived directly from a discretization of the radiative transport equation, yielding in a precise but numerical costly scheme. The second model (macro RTLBM) solves the Helmholtz equation, which is a proper approximation for highly scattering volumes. Both numerical algorithms are validated against Monte–Carlo data for a set of 35 optical parameters, which correspond to radiative transport ranging from ballistic to diffuse regimes. Together with a set of four benchmark simulations, the comprehensive validation concludes the overall quality and detects asymptotic trends for radiative transport LBM. Furthermore, an accuracy map is presented, which summarizes the error for all parameters. This graph allows to determine the validity range for both radiative transport LBM at a glance. Finally, comprehensive guidelines are formulated to facilitate the choice of the radiative transport LBM model.
Journal Article