Centre Management

Applied Analytical Photonics (AAP)
Dr. Roland Hass
Research group leader
+49 331 977-6232
+49 331 977-6220

Roland Hass studied Chemistry at the University of Potsdam, with research stays in Poland, Spain, and Brazil. In the group of Prof. Löhmannsröben, Physical Chemistry, at the University of Potsdam, he worked on his PhD thesis with the focus on “Applied Photon Density Wave spectroscopy”.

In 2013, he joined Mettler Toledo as a Consultant for in-situ Particle Systems Characterization. Also in 2013, together with Dr. Oliver Reich, he founded PDW Analytics GmbH (www.pdw-analytics.de), where he acts as managing partner. In 2016 he rejoined Potsdam University and innoFSPEC, acting as Head of the “Applied Analytical Photonics” group.